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Progressive Awards
100 Point (2022-04-04)500 Point (2024-01-15)1000 Point (2018-03-01)
2K and Up Progressives (2021-04-20)Master Degree (2023-01-06)
Mobile Awards
Bakers Dozen (2023-05-23)Bakers Dozen Dozen (2024-01-01)Clint Wise Memorial (2018-03-01)
Nomad (2023-04-10)Reginald Fessenden (2018-03-01)
Worked All States Awards
Worked All States (2024-05-01)WAS 2-Letter Calls (2024-05-01)WAS Capitals (2024-05-01)
WAS Combos (2024-05-01)WAS CW (2024-05-01)WAS in Order (2024-05-01)
WAS Mobile (2024-05-01)WAS QRP (2024-05-01)WAS YL (2024-05-01)
WAS Combo (2024-05-01)WAS Same Mobile (2024-05-01)WAS All Nets (2024-05-01)
US Call Area (2018-03-01)
Worked All Canada Awards
Worked All Canada (2018-03-01)WAC 2-Letter Calls (2018-03-01)WAC Capitals (2018-03-01)
WAC Combos (2018-03-01)WAC Mobile (2018-03-01)WAC QRP (2018-03-01)
WAC YL (2018-03-01)Canadian Call Area (2018-03-01)
Specialty Awards
12-Month Sequence (2024-05-01)3905 Annual Roundup (2018-03-01)Alphabet Soup (2018-03-01)
Auld Lang Syne (2024-01-01)Beat The Clock (2018-03-01)Ben Franklin Postmaster (2024-03-01)
CC Prefix (2018-03-01)Certificate Hunter (2018-03-01)Chain Letter (2018-03-01)
Crossword Puzzle (2018-03-01)Double Vision (2018-03-01)Dictionary (2018-03-01)
DX (2018-03-01)High Point (2024-05-01)High Point - Mountain Goat (2024-05-01)
Journeyman Award (2018-03-01)Low Point - Seeker (2024-05-01)Low Point - Explorer (2024-05-01)
Millennium Award (2018-03-01)National Park - Tourist (2023-01-06)National Parks (2023-01-06)
Nite Owl (2023-01-01)Numbers Racket (2018-03-01)Club Officers (2024-03-01)
Oldest Established Town (2024-05-01)Old Timers (2021-05-01)Poker Players (2022-04-04)
Quarter Master (2018-03-01)Roaming Master Tracker (2024-06-01)Roaming Master Rover (2024-06-01)
Route 66 Annual Challenge (2018-03-01)Solar System (2018-03-01)Shortwave Listener (2018-03-01)
Tri-Point - Tourist (2018-03-01)Tri-Point - Border Patrol (2018-03-01)Triple Play (2018-03-01)
Worked All Nets (2019-08-01)
Anniversary Awards
Pick 30 (2024-01-01)Work 30 (2018-03-01)Fortieth Anniversary Award (2018-03-01)
45th Anniversary Basic (2022-02-04)45th Anniversary Advanced (2022-02-04)
Net Controllers Awards
Net Control Operator (2024-04-01)Net Controllers Basic (2024-04-01)Net Controllers Cum Laude (2024-04-01)
Net Controllers Expert (2024-04-01)Net Controllers Journeyman (2024-04-01)Net Controllers Magna Cum Laude (2024-04-01)
Net Controllers Summa Cum Laude (2024-04-01)
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