3905 Century Club Net Operations

The 3905 Century Club operates nightly nets on both 40 meters and 75 meters SSB - an early net and a late net on each band.  During the winter we also operate SSB nets on 160 meters.

CW is very much alive and well on the Century Club nets with CW nets operating on 20 meters, 40 meters, 80 meters and 160 meters.  We also have nets for you digital fans with PSK-31 and RTTY on 20, 40 and 80 meters.  In other words, we pretty much have something for everyone.

See our Net Schedule for a complete list of the nets we run on various bands/modes and the days of the week and times they operate.  This schedule has a feature that solves the issue some have with UTC time by giving the net times in both UTC and your own time zone, assuming your computer is correctly set up for your time zone.  Check it out!

And with working our nets, the fun is just getting started.  We not only make it fairly easy and a lot of fun to make the contacts toward a Worked All States Award, but we also offer quite a variety of other very nice certificate awards, including our own Worked All States Award.

All nets run by the Century Club are "Directed Nets" which means that they're managed by a Net Controller who will check you in and assign you a number on the list of people checked into the nets.

Each person on the list then gets his/her turn, in order, to make a contact with any other person on the list, whether stateside or one of our frequent DX check-ins.  We do not permit "working a list" on our nets - other than our own check-in list.  Everyone gets his/her turn in order.

You will find a well trained and helpful cadre of Net Control Stations on all Century Club Nets to assist you in making contacts by controlling the flow of the nets.

Our nets are usually logged using a program called Net Logger.  While this program has an AIM (chat) window that allows keyboard contact between net participants, we do NOT accept check-ins via AIM.  You must be heard via RF in order to check into our nets.  Exchange of any information involving signal reports via AIM is NOT permitted.

Check out the Net Schedule for days, times, bands and modes, and then come join us!