First 100-Point Award
Becoming a Member

Our Progressive Awards start at 100-Points. You earn points toward Progressive Awards when you make contacts on our nets. When you earn your first 100-Point Award (it is free!) on any band or mode, you become a full, voting member of the Club, which entitles you to work toward other awards.

How do I get the award?

You need enough QSL cards from stations you worked on the nets on the same band and mode to total 100 points.

Contacts used for the 100-Point Award must be in one of the following categories:

Each unique state capital is worth 10 points; each contact in the other categories above is worth 5 points.

You can earn your 100-Point Award with ten different state capitals or twenty other cards as described above, or any combination of state capitals and other QSL cards.

Cards can only be used once ever on any progressive award. I n other words, any card you use on the 100-Point Award cannot be used on future progressive awards like the 500-Point or 1000-Point Awards. However, most cards used on progressive awards can be used for most other Club awards.

See the 100-Point application for complete details.